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AosyGFR Pet Pusher KP-3000 Cat Dog Razor Dog Supplies Pet Razor OLBVGWLWJ

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♚ One-button switch charging tips♚ Feeling and grip strength are based on people-oriented guidelines♚ Ergonomically designed body, lightweight and flexible, reduce fatigue to a large extent♚ Removable cutter head, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, R-shaped obtuse angle treatment, ensure safety♚ Stainless steel fixed knife, high-strength hardness to ensure sharp, ceramic power, strong wear-resistant heat

Use range: body shaving

Color: beige

Power: 6.5W

Charger: Input AC2200V 50HZ Output DC2.4V 800mA

Accessories: 3/6mm comb, 9/12mm comb, charger, lubricant, cleaner, instructions

For pets: dogs (full dog breeds), cats (long, short hairs), rabbits and other common pets

product details:

1. Ceramic blade, strong insulation 2. Diverse styles 3. Sociology design, downgraded fatigue 4. Bass micro shock, intimate care 5. Convenient charging, Lasting battery life

Environmental protection materials:

Sampling tests are carried out before each batch of raw materials is put into the warehouse to ensure that no unqualified materials are put into storage from the source.

Brass shaft:

The brass shaft of the hair clipper has good wear resistance and sound

Material details:

Using plastic, non-toxic and odorless! The overall color is uniform and delicate, soft and shiny texture

AosyGFR Pet Pusher KP-3000 Cat Dog Razor Dog Supplies Pet Razor OLBVGWLWJ

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