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AosyGFR Hairdressing Scissors Set Straight Cut Tooth Scissors Pet Scissors Hair Clipper HWOZUKZJP

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Ergonomic comfort and effort, long-term use will not feel tiredBlue spar design, highlighting high-end, will not wrap hair when cutting hair9CR13 high-grade steel, good sharpness, can be used for a long timeThe whole line of scissors is smooth, super balanced and the surface is bright and flat.Stainless steel material does not fade, does not deform, and has strong corrosion resistance

Product Name: Pet scissors tool set

Product application: dog, cat

Steel: 9CR13

The meaning of existence:

It is used to trim the pet's hair, making the pet's hair more supple and comfortable.

product description:

Dear, this is a special cut for pet hair. Don't use it to cut metal objects, so as not to damage the blade, or use it as a normal scissors. Otherwise, it will shorten the service life of your pet. Please use pets. Special scissors


1.Because this product has been inspected strictly before leaving the factory, the turnbuckle has been adjusted to the proper position, please do not mobilize it, please clean the residue on the cutting edge after use.

2. Please do not cut the air easily (ie cut the air)

3.Because this product is extremely sharp, please pay attention to safety during use.

4. Please clean the residue on the blade after use.

Kit standard:

1. Flat cut 2. Tooth cut 3. Hair cut 3. Apple comb 5 scissors oil 6. Scissors cloth 7. Scissor bag 8. Regulator


If the lubricant cannot be delivered, please buy it yourself.

If it can be delivered, we will deliver the original to you.

I hope you understand

If you have any questions Can send mail

We will respond to you within 24 hours.

AosyGFR Hairdressing Scissors Set Straight Cut Tooth Scissors Pet Scissors Hair Clipper HWOZUKZJP

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