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8 2 Hamster Gerbil Rat Hedgehog Running Wheel Mute Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel Purple MBJUAFGVE

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1. Most Comfortable Pet Exercise Wheel with Effective Stable Circular Edge --- Being pets parent is not easy but enjoyable, that's why you always give attention for your lovely pet in every ways such a giving accessories in your pet's home. This is perfect item for your lovely hamster with 3-point seamless button design for more secure and stable. Also medial lateral roulette stampede convex, effectively increase friction and prevent the running of slipping.2. Absolutely Quiet, Non-Slip and Safe Wheel For Pet's Toes and Tails --- This has a circular edge set will makes it more secure, more rugged and effectively prevent biting. The steel also works silently, so your pet can get healthy exercise and play without making noise or disturb even at the night time.3. Super Thick Disc Wall Design with Removable Shaft --- comes in 8.2" of diameter which is ideal for hamsters, gerbils, mice and other small animals. It is also has thickening of the disc wall which detachable design makes assembly easy.4. Premium Grade PP Material --- This hamster wheel is made of high quality PP material which non-toxic and prevent further accidental injury. They are sturdy and simply won't break or crack to ensure the durability that last for years and rotating seed stability.5. Color: blue, purple, pink, green, yellow. Size: 25CM / 8.2 inches.

Yijiujiu allow hamsters to run even though they don't have a lot of room in their cages. In the wild, a hamster can run for several miles in a single night, but they obviously can't do this if they're confined to a cage. At least, not without a wheel.

And here's a list of why you must use Yijiujiu.

1. It has safety feature, solid running surface and quiet movement.

2. Perfect for hamsters, gerbils, Chinchilla, hedgehogs or other small animals.

3. The safety feature comes from the size, stand and closed back to prevent your pet from getting stuck, thereby significantly reduce the risk of injury.

4. It is made of premium grade PP material which is really durable, and simply won't break or crack for many years to come.

5. Not only that, it also easy to assemble so you won't have a problem when it comes the time to clean it.

8 2 Hamster Gerbil Rat Hedgehog Running Wheel Mute Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel Purple MBJUAFGVE

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