3 x iQuatics Juwel 28w Aquarium T5 Blue Plus 590mm 24" UWQVCAXSD


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3 x iQuatics Juwel 45w Aquarium T5 Blue Marine Actinic 420nm 895mm 36" MFTOVANFR

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Great as a combination with traditional T5 lighting coloursHighlights the purples, pinks and reds in the tankSimulates the softer shades of dusk, dawn and the blue hue of deep waterDeeper penitration for illumination at the bottom of the aquariumIndustry leading aquarium lighting customer service - High quality brand new boxed goods

(Triple Pack) 3 x iQuatics 45W T5 BLUE ACTINIC 420NM 45W - 895mm/36" (length) 5/8"- 16 mm (diameter)

This tube can be used on a 92cm iQuatics or Juwel light unit.

The following aquariums can be fitted with this tube:

  • Rio 180
  • Trigon 350 (front light unit)

  • These T5's are also compatible with the Aquatlantis range of T5 Lighting.

    High Output T5's are better to use in your aquarium lighting than the regular T8 as they have increased water penetration and are more efficient. You don't lose the illumination at the bottom of the deeper tanks.

    The greater intensity, deeper penetration and Higher output allows you to stock your tank with a wide range of soft corals and allow them to flourish which was not possible with T8 Fluorescents.

    Key Benefits of our High Output T5's:

  • Greater Intensity
  • Deeper Penetration
  • High Power

  • Our Blue Marine Actinic has specially selected phosphors producing actinic wavelength within the 420nm range of the spectrum thus enhancing the fluorescent colours in your corals.

    With the slight purple/blue hue appearance deeper penetration is gained due to the spectrum not being absorbed by the salt content in your aquarium.

    Your tank may not appear as bright but the light it gives out has wavelengths specific to ideal growth conditions rather than containing the (useless for photosynthesis) wavelengths which the human eye perceives as a bright light.

    The Marine Blue Actinic tube would ideally be used in conjunction with the iQuatics Marine White 14000k to help balance out the yellow hue to bring out the natural beauty in your aquarium.

    3 x iQuatics Juwel 45w Aquarium T5 Blue Marine Actinic 420nm 895mm 36" MFTOVANFR

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