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2 waterlilies variety Joey Tomocik yellow flower DGILSSZOK

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Design your garden pond with our plants.Water Lilies it inhibit the algae growth.Lily in, quality. Ideal for Grow With Our D

sans-serif" You buy two water lilies, variety:

Joey Tomocik

Description: The Society of Water garden enthusiasts has named Joey Tomocikals water lily Nymphaea of 2005. This water lily variety was bred in 1990 by Dr. Kirk Strawn in the U.S.. There he crossed as a pollen carrier Nymphaea mexicana, the yellow wild type, with Nymphaea odorata, a white wild species from North America. The petals are medium yellow Color. Due to the dark yellow stamens flower color looks bright golden yellow. The young leaves are mottled brown and red, later they will glossy green. The best planting depth is 60 - 70 cm, it may even be set even lower. If it is set even flatter, are the flowers far from the water. It is only important that the rootstock not freeze in winter can!

Who was Joey Tomocik His real First name is Joseph, he headed the department of water plants in the Botanical Gardens in Denver, Colorado. In 1991, there 20 new varieties of Strawn planted and Slocum, et al this yellow variety. Two years later, was these Nymphaea JoeyTomocik by the International Water Lilies society as best variety highlighted. She produced the previous summer flowers over a 21 Period of 15 weeks and one year after planting

water depth: 30 cm - 1.00 m

2 waterlilies variety Joey Tomocik yellow flower DGILSSZOK

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