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0 ℃ Outdoor Lightweight Diamond Traveler Pet Shoulder Bag YIIKKFUBT

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Lovely diamond cutting design, stylish, lightweight design without weight, you will become the focus of crowding.It is made of selected canvas + high density acrylic material, and the external breathable hemispherical transparent cover helps to relieve pet anxiety.Built-in locks prevent pets from escaping or losing when the bag is open, with large vents on the side of the bag, to promote air circulation and to keep pets cool and comfortable.Diamond Style + Transparent window design, you can wear a backpack on the back or front, let your pets enjoy the sun and scenery with you, and interact with the outside world.Suitable for front bag or backpack, or single hand carrying, best choice for travel, walking, hiking, lounging.

Load-bearing: The carrier itself can be cleaned with a wet towel, suitable for cats within 6kg, dogs within 5kg
Multiple uses: Family vacations, camping, walking, hiking, cycling, shopping, going to a vet, taking a bus or a subway or a plane
Adjustable comfortable padded back and "S" shoulder straps can relieve cervical pressure and lumbar vertebrae, saving you effort.
The built-in resilient security lock prevents pets from escaping when a curious pet is exposed to the head from the beginning.
There are two hooks on each side to prevent the packing opening angle from being too large to ensure the safety of the pet.
Your favorite pet will not get wet on rainy days because of the waterproof shell.
Double-headed zipper will bring more convenience to your use on the backpack.

0 ℃ Outdoor Lightweight Diamond Traveler Pet Shoulder Bag YIIKKFUBT

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